Do You Know Driving car Without Its Insurance Is illigal

What if you drive without insured?

In today time Car Insurance is a legal requirement And driving a vehicle without its insurance is illegal. If you don't Have your vehicle insurance then you can get fine or permanently banned your driving.  And also you get unlimited fine plus you will also receive penalty points (6 to 8) on your driving license.


The government is currently working on finding a car who involve in any accidents or damage any property without vehicle insurance. And Government officers have rights to grab or destroy your car according to the rules.

According to SORN(Stautory Off Road Notification) notification from DVLA, you declare your car or vehicle off the road then you may drive your vehicle without any insurance. If you drive a car without insurance then you can face the following problem.

  • you can face a fixed penalty of $100+
  • get 6 to 8 penalty point on your license.
  • and also face an unlimited fine.
  • your car can be destroyed or seized by police.
  • etc...

Why car insurance becomes necessary in today time.


An entity which provides you insurance is called the insurer and an entity which gets cover by the insurance company is known insured. Insurance Policy is an agreement between the insurer and insured person of a vehicle.  

Car insurance is necessary because it provides you cover or financial support in case of car damage according to insurance level. And it also provides cover for any injuries to the car drivers, passenger and to their property. There may be a possibility for your car accident but if you are insured by any car insurer then you can get financial cover from your car insurer. 


Types Of Car Insurances:

There is three type of protection that you can get from the insurance company. 
  1. Third party.
  2. Third Party, Fire, and Theft.
  3. Comprehensive.
Third Party: -  This is a simple requirement insurance by law, It covers only damage to the other property or damage to the other people. But this is not always inexpensive or cheapest.

Third Party, Fire, And Theft: - This is the second type which is same as the third party but ii also provide a cover for your car in case of stolen or damaged by fire  

Comprehensive: This the high-level protection cover for the car. This type of car insurance have addition cost but it will protect your car in many cases such as accident involving other peoples as well as in case of any type car damage 

You can also add your driver name in the insurance policy. but it is also remembered that it will drive your car most of the time then and then insurer allows you to add your car driver name to its policy.

How much you get a cost of your car from the insurance company:

Your insurance premium is base on many factors like your age, type of car you drive, where you live, your income, how you use your car, where your car is kept etc.  IEFD (Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department) warned the vehicle owner to be on their guard against the ghost broker. because it sells many fake insurances in a market.

So, Alway make sure that your insurer is regulated by the (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority.

Get no-Claims Insurance Bonus:

Yes, you can get bonus or discount on your next renewal of vehicle insurance if you don't make an accident in last year. And if you claim for an accident to other then you need to inform your insurer. If there is no your fault in the accident and you don't do claim for it then you also need to inform your insurer.

It is possible many times you can get up to 70% off on your premium if you have not made a claim for any damage or accident for more than 9 years. If your car is unusual then you may need a specialist policy for your car. Such as classic car or American classic car. In short, if you involve in the accident with a unsured car then you need to inform your insurer and also provide your detail to police within 24 hours.

What you need to do if you involved in the accident.

If you get a cover to your vehicle and you are involved in the accident by factor without your fault then you need to do following things.

You need to inform your insurer quick as much as possible.
Inform police within 24 Hr. 

So if you want to get protection for your car then here top insurance company is listed below.
  1. Liberty-Mutual.
  2. Allstate-Insurance.
  3. Auto-Owners-Insurance.
  4. Progressive (online car insurance).
  5. State-Farm.
  6. The-Hartford.
  7. USAA.
 And if you have any question in your mind related to car insurance then put your answer in the comment section.